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This is your chance to get exclusive PRE-SET APPOINTMENTS filling your schedule.

Elite Leads Program Members not only get pre-set appointments but they will also get additional Preferred Leads, access to our Proven Phone Selling Sales Process, and ongoing sales training plus weekly coaching sessions to help you get results faster.

  1. Pre-Set Appointments (We set the appointments FOR YOU!)
  2. Preferred Leads
  3. Virtual Sales Process and Ongoing Training (Get the most effective sales process ever developed specifically for our prospects and IUL/Annuity Products)

Pre-Set Appointments

We've been spending a king's ransom on marketing to generate inbound phone calls so we get people on the phone immediately rather than chasing prospects over the phone.

The calls come into our call center and we focus on finding their financial pains and frustrations so they are invested in having a meeting with you to resolve that major problem in their life.

Once the appointment is set we send the prospect a confirmation email with the date and time of the appointment and it includes a homework assignment of a compelling video they need to watch before meeting with you.

We also mail a hard copy of our book designed to educate prospects on the benefits of the IUL.

You are notified as soon as possible so you can call to confirm the appointment.

For the majority of the leads we also get cell phone numbers so you can text a reminder to the prospect a few hours before the appointment.

Preferred Leads

These are the same type of prospects as our pre-set appointment leads who have not yet set an appointment. Normally they want to get the book first and have some time to read it so they are often even better, more educated prospects.


Over the past few years our team of in house agents has been hard at work spending hours on the phones generating appointments, working with prospects and closing huge cases in our laboratory.

We've recorded calls, dissected them, analyzed them, and put them back together. We've tested new approaches, improved the scripting and questioning techniques, and developed a process that is working to close 2 apps per week per agent

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