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Elite Leads for Elite Advisors was born from a deep desire to change peoples' lives. Our goal is to help agents gain the lifestyle and the income they desire. We achieve this by providing you with a consistent flow of quality leads each month. But, this isn't the game changer.

Our exclusive virtual selling program rids agents of endless windshield time, and replaces it with more freedom. We want our agents to be successful in our program, so we provide them with the tools to do exactly that.

The creators of the Elite Leads for Elite Advisors system are national bestselling authors and believe whole heartedly in the concepts of safe money and helping people growth their wealth safely.

We have spent over $2,000,000 developing and refining the lead generation system to set appointments with quality prospects and from there, closing IUL and annuity cases all over the phone.

You get to tap into this expertise and use the proven system without re-inventing the wheel or being left on your own to figure it out. You plug in, get preset appointments you can sell from anywhere, and have a system to follow to maximize your success.

Ultimately, like Steve Jobs was famous for saying, our mission is to make a dent in the universe.

We are dedicated to changing the way Americans save and invest their money so they have control of their money, independence and financial freedom.

Core Values

All-in attitude
Invest in Yourself
Find a Better Way
Effective, Efficient Action
Dedicated to Financial Independence
Never, ever, ever give up
Excellence; always over deliver
Results NOT Excuses