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How Good Are The Leads?

Audio Testimonial: Eddie Overdyke

"The program simply works!! In the month of May out of 30 leads, we're building plans for about $5 million in assets collectively, and this is a normal month with the quality of the leads."

-Robert H. (Name withheld for compliance)

"After getting involved and trying some of your strategies (that were very successful) this was the best thing that could have happened to us. I'm not a natural born marketer, but that's the most important thing to being profitable!"

-Marlin M. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I just wanted to let everybody know how helpful I have found Brett and Ethan. I have been a Financial Advisor since 1993. I was a captive agent until 2005 when I decided to become an Independent. I never did any marketing as a captive agent and really didn't have any clue what marketing was really all about, until about a year ago. I started reading books to buying courses, I've spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours piece milling my own marketing together and I've had limited results. What I love about what Brett and Ethan are doing, and what they've put together is how tailored everything is for me. I don't have to reinvent the wheel. If I could have started with them instead of everything else I've done, I'd be making way more money, I would have spent a lot less and I'd have wasted a lot less time. Whether you're sitting on the fence with these guys or not, I really encourage you to get going because their information is great and their marketing pieces are great. "

-Paul B. (Name withheld for compliance)

"Excellent. You Know what I like about your system. You guys follow it! I am still here and following everything. Trying to keep up. I love the celeb info. I agree with it. Just need to implement it. That is the hard part!"

-David M. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I just thought I would give you a quick note to let you know many are out here respecting what you do. It is obvious that you both have been in "this" business. It seems there is always someone that wants to bring us down, let's call him "reputation killer Ralph". He is out there for anyone that ventures out to be successful."

-Tim H.

"This week's web cast was very informative and opened my eyes to some crazy ideas¦. Can you hear the gerbils running in the cage?"

-Kathleen N.(Name withheld for compliance)

"I have been in the insurance biz since 2003. I studied many of the marketing pros that you guys have also studied to develop your program. I have spent thousands of my own money and hundreds of hours of my time trying out different ideas with minimal success. The problem was I could not commit the time to develop a full system and fell into the trap of doing one shot marketing pieces one after another. I also could not figure out the best way to implement the great ideas I learned.

Your system has brought everything together for me in a nice, neat package. Everything is laid out in simple steps that are easy to implement RIGHT AWAY. Using your system, I took ideas I have been trying to put together for 3 years and got them started in 2 WEEKS!! The Done For You Newsletter is absolutely perfect for me. This is one of the items I have been working on for years¦I just could not put together a design format with good content. That in and of itself is worth the monthly membership to me. Throw in all the marketing pieces that are given away and the step by step process " it's a steal!

I see comments from some rookies above, if you are afraid or think that the cost of this membership is too much, then you are in the wrong business. The bottom line is you cannot afford to not be a part of this program. If I had this available to me when I started my book of business, it would be 3-5 times larger than it is right now!

-Thanks for renewing my excitement for being in this business! "

-Jason H. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I have been in the Insurance business for 14 years and in that time I've spent a ton of money on lead systems. I've mailed for leads, I've bought leads and yes, I've even done seminars. The results had always been disappointing and I never got the leads I needed to take my business to the next level. So when I came across this system, I figured it was just another system that was going to leave me disappointed. But they made me a risk free offer, so I decided to accept. I'm glad I did because I haven't looked back since, their methods are easy to use and understand, they even help you step by step if you need that. I could not be more pleased with them. I look forward to each weeks call, and I look forward to implementing the new ideas and getting more appointments. If you want to take your business to the next level, these are the guys as far as I'm concerned."

-Carl C. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I really like you guys. Your styles are unique and entertaining and not too overlook informative and educational. I have learned much more here in the last month, than I have in the entire 9 months that I've been an agent¦I feel that a lot of obstacles and barriers have already been removed from my path to financial independence, because you guys are providing us ˜newbie's' a blue-print to follow. Now my biggest obstacle is myself, and to get out of my own way¦and that comes with the confidence I am gaining from being involved with you guys. Keep up the great work, and if it's okay for me to say¦God Bless you and your families."

-Curtis T. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I’m a Financial Advisor in California and I have been for 33 years. I’ve enjoyed being a financial advisor, but there’s always been something missing.  I’ve never been able to build the practice to the level that I thought it should be.  I’ve tried a lot of ‘so called’ marketing systems, lead programs, seminar programs and everything else I’ve been pitched. Spent a lot of money, but still haven’t gotten the results I should have. Well, along came these 2 guys calling themselves the Safe Money Millionaire. I signed up¦WOW!!! I have learned more in the last 6 weeks than I have in the past 33 years about marketing and how to relate to a client and a prospect and to get them to come into the door. If you don’t sign up with these guys¦YOU’RE NUTS!!!"

-John K. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I'm with Farm Bureau Insurance in Iowa specializing in Home, Auto, Life and Health Insurance. I'd like to tell you about the Safe Money Millionaire program. If you haven't heard about it, it's a great program. I was a little skeptical when I first got involved¦I've been an agent for a little over a year. In a year I was buying internet leads, cold calling, you name it and I was getting tired of it with no luck. Tired of getting scammed I guess you could say. That's when I saw the Safe Money Millionaire on the internet and at first I was pretty skeptical. I thought, what do these guys know that nobody else does. But as I started to listen to what they had to offer, it all made sense. It was like nothing else you'd hear anywhere else, especially since these guys have been Insurance Agents.

They know what it's like having to cold call and all that good stuff. When they came out with the Mavericks Alliance program they gave me an offer I couldn't refuse, 30 days, no risk, if you like it stay on if you don't that's fine. Just the newsletter alone is priceless information. Being an agent for a year, every month I get calls saying, hey I love the newsletter. So I get credit for writing it even though the Safe Money Millionaire did all the work. Also, I've gotten Joint Ventures with Commercial Realtor and a Mortgage Broker. So I've gotten about 10 referrals from just the Joint Venture and the Newsletter alone. So it's been worth it! "

-Mike S. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I have a couple of associates who I respect, who know you guys and think very highly of you. In fact, it is because of those endorsements that I got involved with promoting you and your programs."

-Michael B. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I can tell you guys are the ˜real deal'. Your programs seem to be ˜chump change' in respect of how you are helping agents see the light. I owe it to ˜my guys' on ˜today's' effective marketing techniques. I really appreciate you guys! You deserve to be rich!"

-Ken P. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I'm a registered Financial Consultant practicing in Northern California. I've been in the business about 12 years now, and a couple of months ago I hooked up with the Safe Money Millionaire.

I've tried a lot of things in this business, buying leads, doing seminars and in my experience, I've found them to be disappointing and expensive. So when I first came across the Safe Money Millionaire I was a bit skeptical. I've learned a lot from them. I only wish I'd been taught this stuff years ago.

I'm Independent now, but when I first started out I was a captive agent and the home office never really taught us diddly about going about the business of marketing. In fact, most everything I tried to do had to go through Compliance and 9 times out of 10, it got shot down.

My dream has always been to generate leads on my own and have people call me, more or less, ready to do business. The strategies that I've learned from the Mavericks are allowing this to happen. It does take work, you have to implement, but it doesn't have to be a struggle. In fact, it can be a lot of fun. It's all about attracting clients and getting in front of people in a favorable way and the Safe Money Millionaire have put that all together.

So if you're coming across the Mavericks for the first time, if you're checking them out, give it a second thought, look into it because what they're doing, WORKS!!! I know because they are taking my business to the next level. Now I am part of the Maverick Mastermind Alliance. "

-Forest S. (Name withheld for compliance)

"Excellent. You know what I like about your system? You guys follow it! I am still here and following everything. Trying to keep up¦that is the hard part!"

-David M. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I've been through every lead source there is, so when it comes to new lead companies and ideas I'm very skeptical. I'd quite frankly reached the end of the rope. I've invested thousands of dollars into lead sources and had not found a sure fire way of doing it. Since starting with the Mavericks I've been amazed. First of all, the Implementation Missions are broken up into small, chewable pieces that I get started on immediately. Step by step instructions that are rigid enough for me to follow, but flexible enough for me to customize to my practice. They had me doing things that were so basic and fundamental that I felt foolish for not having done them before¦ My practice has taken a huge turn, we're actively receiving leads, working with clients that we want to work with in markets that we choose to work in. I look forward each week to the Implementation Mission, because each time it's a return on my investment. If you haven't already given the Mavericks a shot, what have you got to lose?"

-Phil A. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I'm a financial guy. I live and work in the Chicago suburbs. After 20 years of sales and marketing experience I thought I knew how to get in front of clients. But for some reason my methods just didn't seem to coincide with what the big finance and insurance companies teach. It's no wonder they're still doing business the way they did back in the 1930's when they started. OK, maybe that's not fair. Some have progressed to the 1970's. But you mean to tell me that my 20 years sales and marketing experience counts for nothing! Are you serious, and that the 1970's way still works? I was confused. Enter The Safe Money Millionaire. There are other marketing mediums other than the telephone. The Safe Money Millionaire were a huge relief. They helped hone my skills; they gave me the methods and the tools, even an increased confidence to succeed. If the Safe Money Millionaire can do that for me, just imagine what they can do for you. Besides, the only thing I want to use my telephone for is to answer it when it rings."

-Tim P. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I'm an insurance agent and financial consultant. When I first heard of the Safe Money Millionaire a few months ago, of course I was skeptical. However, they made me an offer I could not refuse. I was able to test them out without any kind of long term commitment and I'm very glad that I did. I have been using their strategies with great success and one of the most notable that I can recall is, about a week ago I delivered a policy to a gentleman and he gave me 5 referrals all as a result of the Done for You Newsletter and the send out cards thanks to the Mavericks.

My advice to you would be, give them a call, keep an open mind and do what they say, you'll be glad that you did. They lay everything out for you in a very simple, easy to follow manner and it only takes about an hour or so a week to implement some of their strategies. So if you're seriously looking for ways to grow your business and take your business to the next level, free up some time to do the things you want in life besides spending hours on the phone and chasing prospects. These are the guys you want to be associated with and learn from. One more thing I would add. If you live within a 60 mile radius of Graham North Carolina, where I do, I'm pretty certain their strategies won't work for YOU here in MY immediate area. ;) However, I can tell you with 100% certainty, as long as you live outside a 60 mile radius of Graham North Carolina where I live, please give them a call. I think you'll be very glad that you did. "

-Jeff F. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I'm an insurance agent for Farmers in Orange County. I'm specializing in commercial, small business and I'm marketing in the local area. I recently joined up with the Safe Money Millionaire and I was a little skeptical at first because of how they came to market, we get bombarded with emails all day long; cold calls, I can do this for you, I can do that for you etc. When they gave me a risk free opportunity I said hey, why not, let's take a shot. I really like the materials, the materials have been top notch quality and everything they have to say they truly can back it up with quality material. Not just recycled stuff that we've all seen many times before but things I can actually apply not only to my business but my Insurance business.

Recently I used their suggestions on joint ventures, to co market with someone who is in another aspect of the Insurance business that I don't specialize in. We are in the infancy of our partnership but, nonetheless, we are forging ahead with our relationship thanks to the materials of the Safe Money Millionaire. That was after a week of reviewing the materials. I'm looking forward to some great business opportunities there as well as improving my direct marketing programs. Give them a shot, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. "

-Eric E. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I'm an exclusive Insurance Agent that started a book of business from scratch 5 years ago. I've learned quite a bit in those 5 years about Insurance and selling Insurance. I came across the Mavericks about 6 months ago. They were talking a lot about lead sources. Over time I've used quite a few lead sources and I still use some, but it certainly opened my eyes and I enjoyed reading their reports on that and have expanded into other things they offered (newsletter and such). I have found it to be really inspirational. I really enjoy what they have to say. It's helped our business and continues to everyday. So I strongly recommend that you check out the Mavericks."

-John R. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I'm Jeremy with American Family Insurance. I'm a sales producer in Minnesota. When I first heard about the Safe Money Millionaire I was a little skeptical but they made me a risk free offer that I couldn't refuse. I've been with them now for about 2 months and I've gotten 5 referrals just from the Done for You Newsletter that you can put your name and picture on and send out to your existing clients and new prospects. Those commissions have made me about $637 and I've stopped buying crappy internet leads and wasting my money. Brett and Ethan have taught me many ways to generate referrals on demand through their marketing and online strategies. I've stopped using my company's mailers and started using their mailers; they just get me a better qualified lead. People that want to call me, that aren't just going to throw it away with junk mail, that gets it in their hands, gets it opened, gets it read and gives me a call."

-Jeremy S. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I'm a Financial Advisor and I've been in the financial industry for a little over 5 years. However, last year I felt was a transition year for me. I had to move offices and had a lot of personal situations that came up. As you know the market has taken a significant downturn and it hasn't been kind to most investors as well as most advisors. The reason I'm telling you all this is, I started the Safe Money Millionaire program from a dead start. When I began the program I was really only looking for 1 or 2 good ideas to put into my business so I could get more leads, write more business and make more money. Well, little did I know the wealth of information that comes with the program, and it's a lot of information and it is all good.

What they've done is they put together weekly missions that break down the strategies into easily attainable action steps that can have a huge impact on getting new leads and getting new business. More important, it provides focus and it provides clarity for all your efforts so that you get the most out of it. Currently I'm in my second month with the program and I already see more activity, better communication with my clients and my prospects. Even this week I looked at my appointment book and my appointments have doubled from 4 weeks ago. I feel like I'm just getting started. So if you're an advisor or an agent and you're looking to jumpstart your marketing program or just make your marketing more efficient, I would highly encourage you to check out the Mavericks programs. I think that you'll be glad that you did. "

-Michael D. (Name withheld for compliance)

"John Marshall coming to you from sunny Southern California. The Mavericks asked me to give them a testimonial about my experience with them and I've got a glowing review. The past 2 ½-3 months my production in annuity sales has been approximately 3 MILLION dollars. Not all of that has been in relation to my work with the Mavericks, but I can tell you this; over the next 6 months to a year and beyond I can see my production just going through the roof using the strategies, the templates, the ideas, the marketing methods that the mavericks use. So, if you're not using the Mavericks strategies, if you haven't come aboard, let me encourage you to tune into their broadcasts. What they're telling you DOES WORK. I wish you the best of luck and happy hunting."

-John M. (Name withheld for compliance)

"Hi I'm Harry Sonke, I do retirement planning for folks here in Southern California. My introduction to the Mavericks could not have come at a better time. I'm in a period of transition from worksite marketing to helping people make smart, well, thought out decisions about their retirement dollars. With literally thousands of people in a 20 mile radius who need my help, without a plan, you can imagine it's been quite frustrating not to meet those people.

The Mavericks have actually begun to help me create a marketing focus that I've never had before. From learning ways that I can place my expertise in the path of local media, to being seen as a trusted advisor, to creating direct mail pieces for me that actually get opened and read by targeted people I'd like to do business with. It's actually begun to help the process of changing my practice from the drudgery of chasing after a relative few prospects to having people come in a significant volume to me that actually want and need my help.

I never knew my attitude would be changed so dramatically in such a short period of time. I'm certainly not to where I want my practice to be just yet but to have confidence in my business when all the news around is so dismal is quite remarkable. In the last 6 weeks, since I've implemented, my revenue has increased by 40% and expect that increase will double in the next 6 weeks. For anyone feeling like they're fighting an uphill battle, I recommend you take advantage of the changes the Mavericks can bring to you. "

-Harry S. (Name withheld for compliance)

"What a wonderful thing this is. I am about to plan my meeting with the first joint venture partner using your approach¦(a couple days later)¦

I have the greatest news. Last night was my networking expo with the local Chamber of Commerce. I had changed all my messages on my material, to focus on the demographic (women in business) as per your instructions from week one. I got really clear on the focus. Expressed my passion, and sense of humor. I brought statistics to boost my credibility. Told my story to other networkers. I was myself; cool, fun, listened to them and asked a lot of questions about how I could help them.

I handed a few of the ˜Done For You Newsletters' out and I suggested to four or five (women in the business) that I could bring a lot of value to their clients and keep their clients loyal, just the way you said to say it and that I was taking applications for joint venture partners. I got rave results. They loved it. I am so relieved you have given me the step by step process. Not only that, everything you have instructed me to do is spot on solid and very doable and achievable. I have spent several hours going through everything you have put together so far. I am so glad I did, because it helped me redo my approach. And the new approach is working! Thank you so much!

I am closing all my accounts with other marketing entities and totally going to focus on your strategies from here on out. I am convinced that you really do know what you are talking about and then some. Thank you so much for really getting down to the core activities often brushed over by most marketing advice. You guys are DA BOMB! (That's "fabulous in Hawaiian pidgin). "

-Nicolette F. (Name withheld for compliance)

"Tim here, with the Insurance Specialist Team in Minnesota. I'm sending this testimonial out for the Mavericks for all the help they've given me and for all the hard work¦ and if this could help you that'd be great too. I've been part of the Safe Money Millionaire for about 3 or 4 months now and I've seen steady increase in my business. For example, today is the 8th and I've sold 18 policies so far this month. I'm not sure what my assistant or the other agents have done so far with my marketing efforts with the Mavericks. But, I know for me personally, 18 policies is over double what I normally do. The neat part about it is, they were from people that had called in, I didn't have to cold call or chase them, they were people that wanted to be part of our agency and that is cool and fun.

I think this is something that can work for you if you're willing to work and implement their strategies. Honestly, I haven't implemented all their strategies, I haven't had too. I've had success and it's been very fun! One of the things that led me to the Safe Money Millionaire was that I had been buying the internet leads and cold calling and all that "fun stuff. I had noticed with the internet leads that the price was going up on them, the competition was being increased and the quality was getting pretty sad. I had some success with the internet leads, but it was a lot of work and I was looking for something better. This led me to come across the Safe Money Millionaire and I knew right off they had good stuff because I'd been studying marketing and internet marketing for a little over a year. Kind of blew me away because they seemed like pretty young guys, but their wisdom and strategies are way beyond their years.

So I wasn't skeptical at all when I saw it, I jumped right on board; so far it's been a success for me. If you're thinking about doing this you'll be glad that you did. If you've ever read Tony Robbins, I know that it's in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. This could very well be one of your moments; I know it was for me, I've found success. I know it will work for you, I can guarantee you that. If you work, it will work, a bag of money is not just gonna fall on your head. You'll have access to more information than you'll really know what to do with. "

-Tim P. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I have finished all the video's...Sent out 500 post cards for Books...Watched all of Peter Stuff...which is outstanding... Love the follow-up that your firm has incorporated in our personal webpage...I think this will prove to be one of the best investments I have made in education for myself. I hope Peter puts on a seminar...I will be sure to attend..Within a week or two I will be able to give the seminar that he does on Income-Debt-Taxes and Money in Motion: I think this is one outstanding program "

-Michael S. (Name withheld for compliance)

"The Master closer/Persuasion has worked great for me. Last month I mentioned that I used it to approach a client that had over 1 million is assets. That case closed this morning, and I used the post close. I am very confident that the other adviser is not be able to talk them out of transferring the assets. Safe Money Millionaire it the best training program on the market."

-Joe P. (Name withheld for compliance)

"Guys, you simply have to love it. Was at an appointment tonight. We get to discussing a 101 plan, the husband pulls out the Safe Money Millionaire book I gave him and shows his wife how the program works by using the book and different charts. "

Her comment " why the hell would we want term insurance?"

Results, two new policies...

Thanks guys."

-Mike R. (Name withheld for compliance)

Case Study: Using the Safe Money Millionaire book for Lead Generation and Client Education

"We've written about 6 cases. We're using the policies for "banking" policies. We've sent in a check last week for $85,000 in addition to the $20,000 submitted with the app. We sent in another app with $25,000. We did a third and a fourth policy with a client for about $30,000 each. Another client did two policies for a total of $100,000. This isn't target premium. The average target per case has been around $12,000."

-Travis S. (Name withheld for compliance)

"It's been my 3rd week in the membership. I started using the Safe Money Millionaire book and handed a couple out. The 1st book turned into a $143k Rollover. The 2nd SMM book turned into a $97k rollover. This system is helping me crush it!"

-Larrye S. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I have gotten several phone calls by using the CRM and I believe it is just the beginning. I am looking to set up several appointments in the near future from the CRM."

-David H. (Name withheld for compliance)

"The most comprehensive total marketing system I've seen. For years I've been trying to create something like this. You guys did a great job! Keep it up."

-Mike W. (Name withheld for compliance)

"Hey, I just wanted to take a quick moment to tell you guys that I'm really enjoying the website and the capabilities of it. Once a person gets comfortable with the system, it's not overly difficult and creating my own auto responders is really neat! It will definitely be something that I keep for years."

I appreciate your help.

-Travis S. (Name withheld for compliance)

"I set my Producer Auto Pilot account up a few days prior to flying out to the January 2013 AVIVA In Focus Training. A client requested a 101 Blueprint on my 2nd day of training. I prepared his Blueprint and sent it to him from hotel while in Iowa and we scheduled a time to get together upon my return. The Producer Auto Pilot was working for me while I was away!!!!"

-Sam M. (Name withheld for compliance) " Matthews, NC.